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It is difficult for any of us to predict what the summer of 2021 will bring; however, you can be assured that Sea School will be working hard to explore all options. We remain optimistic moving forward, are looking forward to an awesome summer together, and we will keep you all in the loop as much as we possibly can about any changes or shifts.

** If you registered for cancelled programs in 2020, we will be contacting you about your "early-bird" registration date(s).

March Break 2021

Info about March Break Winter Camping Expedition 2021 will be released in early February, and registration will open shortly after - stay tuned if you're interested! March Break 2021 falls between Monday March 15 - Friday March 19. Summer Programming 2021 If all goes according to plan, summer 2021 trip dates will be announced on our website on Friday, March 12, 2021. *We will post a notification in advance of this date here in our newsletter, and on Social Media. Enrollment will open April 1, 2021 *We will post a notification in advance of this date here in our newsletter, and on Social Media. About enrollment for all programs The sequence of events: 1. Trips dates, details and Registration Opening time/date are posted 2. Registration for a specified season opens on a prescribed date (April 1 for the summer season) 3. Registration for the program(s) of interest are "first-come, first-served" from the date/time that registration officially opens.

  • Registration Requests can be made by leaving a phone message, or by email & must include the name & age of the youth, the guardian name and contact information, and which trip & dates are of interest.

  • 902.423.7284 - admin@seaschool.org

4. Registration Requests are timestamped and addressed in the order they are received; this sometimes takes a little bit of time, but it is likely that you will hear from us to confirm we got your request within 2 business days. 5. Full acceptance into programming is contingent on completion of an intake interview, reasonably prompt paperwork completion, and any follow-up that must take place esp. surrounding medical need. If you would like to access bursary support to participate in programming; please do not hesitate to ask and we can explore what options might work for you!

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