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The Sea School’s summer sailing and adventure programs operate out of 174 Bluenose Dr., a heritage building in Lunenburg and part of the working waterfront. We are reaching out to Lunenburg area residents to identify host homes for billeting our experienced and responsible staff team members. All billet requests would be for staff who are aged 19 and older. As a host, you would be contributing to the mission of the Sea School, and supporting a charitable effort to engage youth in traditional outdoor adventures.


Our staff are required to have a unique, and high standard of training; therefore, they cannot always be found locally, and most of our staff travel to us from other parts of Nova Scotia. Many of our student applicants & current staff also do not own a vehicle which can make it even more challenging for them to find somewhere to stay in the Lunenburg area short or long term. In order to make their work here more feasible, we are hoping to secure a variety of safe, short-term-stay living spaces for them in order to facilitate their success with us. Our staff are respectful and independent, and will likely be working full work days while they stay with you.

*note: COVID-19 mitigation measures and agreements can be discussed on a case-to-case basis; everyone’s safety and comfort is very important to us.

Our billeting requests:

  1. Rooms which staff can stay in for 1-4 nights at a time when they are in transition (packing before their expeditions, cleaning up & reporting after their trip return, training with us in Lunenburg).

  2. Rooms or apartments in which a full time student employee may stay in for the duration of their work with us on the Lunenburg Waterfront.

Billet Compensation:

  • Short term stays would be donated by the billet without compensation and would be scheduled in advance.

  • Long term stays (1 month or longer) could include rental costs negotiated between the host home and the employee.

  • Billet hosts would receive Sea School merchandise and an opportunity to participate in a day sail program at some point in the season.

If you have any questions, or have a space to offer for any length of time, we’d love to chat with you about it! Give us a call at 902.423.7284 or email us at admin@seaschool.org.

For more information about Sea School programming, please visit www.seaschool.org Thank you for your time & interest; please do not hesitate to reach out!


The Nova Scotia Sea School Crew

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