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Take it Outside Girls Valley Adventures!

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

Wednesday May 29th, 2019

NS Sea School Take it Outside Girls Launch!

Calling all girls ages 13-18 for a fun-filled evening of delicious food, a bonfire, and sowing seeds in both the soil and our minds for this season’s upcoming adventures.

Join the Nova Scotia Sea School at their inaugural launch of an all girls adventure program starting from the ground up! We will be growing a program together that explores where our food comes from, how it nourishes our bodies and minds. Together we will explore our community connections, empowering young women to rise as leaders and build the resiliency necessary to confidently venture into the natural world with skills and competency.

Meet outside the Wolfville Public Library, 5 PM Participant pick up: 8:30 PM at the K.C. Irving Centre main entrance. Tix: $10.00 includes supper Info: tiovalley@seaschool.org

This event is the first of a series of monthly adventures for girls! Events for the summer season:

Wednesday May 29th, 2019- Market scavenger hunt, food taken to KC Irving Centre for seed planting and dinner around the bonfire!

Wednesday June 12th, 2019- planting at Acadia farm plot and then community supper

Sunday July 21st, 2019- day hike up gaspereau River trail out of Deep Hollow.

Sunday August 4th, 2019- south shore adventure with white sand Sea Side Keji! Picnic!

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