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VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITY! Connect w/ Sea School - Learn & Practice Essential Boat Maintenance Skills!

Hey there, Sea Schoolers!

This Sunday, August 23 we will be hosting a Volunteer Day to work on our two awesome expedition boats in Lunenburg! If you’d like to help Elizabeth Hall & Dorothea get in Shipshape for Summer 2021 and beyond, let us know! Learn about traditional wooden boat maintenance, connect with the Sea School community, and help us care for these vessels which bring us so many exciting places!  We will also be painting up some of our little row boats to use around the harbour! DATE: Sunday, August 23, 2020 TIME: 10am - 4pm LOCATION: 174 Bluenose Drive, Lunenburg, NS WHAT TO WEAR & BRING:

  • Clothes & Shoes which you are not afraid to get (permanent) paint on

  • Lunch & Snacks

  • Warm Sweater

  • Water Bottle

  • Non-medical mask & a ziploc to put it in

  • *IF YOU HAVE THEM:  knee pads & a particle dust mask/respirator

**Please RSVP if you will be coming as we have to track numbers as part of our COVID-19 procedures & policy. RSVP TO: admin@seaschool.org  OR 902.423.7284 ** MORE ABOUT THIS WORK

Though Sea School has been unable to run our regular programming due to COVID-19 restrictions, that does not mean hard work and youth engagement has stopped at Sea School. The restoration work this season provides an opportunity for youth and volunteers to engage in hands-on learning and advance skills and knowledge around traditional boat building practices.  This initiative is part of the Sea School’s ‘Operation Shipshape 2020’, with additional focus on prioritizing diversity and inclusion at all levels of participation and employment.  Hosting a full female repair crew and connecting these candidates to future career opportunities is part of this important work and supports the long term goals and succession of the Sea School organization.    Until this year, Sea School has used conventional alkyd/enamel marine paints to treat their vessels which have the tendency to create a “shell” that can trap moisture and rot a wooden boat or building (while at the same time hiding that damage from sight), alongside many other disadvantages such as high levels of VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds), and the use of toxic chemical solvents & dryers. For the health & safety of the youth, the staff, the boats, and the environment, Sea School has made the decision to try a more sustainable and traditional finishing approach by switching Allbäck Linseed Oil Paint which is made from Swedish, cold-pressed, purified, & filtered linseed oil.  These paints are made with largely natural mineral pigments, are VOC-free, and are used only in conjunction with Raw Linseed Oil as its “solvent”.  The porous structure of the wood becomes saturated with Linseed Oil, therefore largely disallowing water to enter the wood to create rot. Linseed oil-based paint has been chosen for hundreds of years for its ability to penetrate, condition & protect the wood from the inside out while still allowing it to breathe, and guarding it from the elements. The use of this paint will effectively eliminate the need to scrape & repaint our entire vessels every year saving us a significant amount of money and labour year over year, and will allow us to keep a closer eye on any rot or damage so that they might be more efficiently addressed for the sake of these beloved vessels and their precious cargo. To learn more about Traditional finishes like the one described above, please feel free to check out the Allbäck website here And the Sage Restoration website here (our paint distributor) The Sea School would like to acknowledge the support of Communities Culture and Heritage; Sport and Recreation Division, the United Way of Halifax and the RBC Foundation for their support in this initiative.

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