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Zoë was an extraordinary teacher, leader, mentor, student, daughter and friend. She lived how she danced; uninhibited, sure-footed, passionate, wild, creative and free. She embodied the Sea School values and challenged each of us to be the best versions of ourselves; to live with honesty, integrity, an open heart, and a free spirit. 


Zoë’s journey with the Sea School began in 1994, at the age of 14, as a founding builder of our original expedition boat Dorothea. Through hard work and dedication, she climbed the Sea School ranks through the Leadership Arc, becoming an assistant instructor, and then Captain at the age of 23. Mirroring the ocean, Zoë’s dedication and commitment was vast and deep, extending far beyond the waters of the Sea School. Her involvement in local and international community projects made her a pillar of the community. 


Zoë had a talent for deep relationships. No matter what your strengths, skill set or background, Zoë helped you believe in your own inherent goodness and self worth. She pushed boundaries both artistically and professionally, while still offering a supportive and safe space and she was willing to have the “uncomfortable” conversations to create an opportunity for growth and understanding. She will continue be an inspiration to students who sailed with her and her colleagues at the Sea School, past and present.


This fund will allow the Nova Scotia Sea School to develop a training program in Zoë Nudell’s name that catalyzes leadership development for young women and supports increased diversity among the Sea School’s leadership specifically among Nova Scotians that may not traditionally participate in seafaring activities.

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