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7 day sail - ages 14 -18



Live on-board one of our 30' ketch rigged (3 sails - jib, main, mizzen) traditional wooden sailboats for 7 days and 6 nights; they are very sturdy and very seaworthy.

Learn to handle wind, waves and weather with confidence as you choose your own adventure with your team of crew mates. No sailing experience is necessary - we'll teach you what you need to know. If you do have a background in sailing, we'll build on those basics with a great experience of small boat coastal sailing.​

The trip will leave from our boathouse in historic Lunenburg on the south shore and return to Lunenburg. Sailing during the day, anchoring at night and sleeping on-board. Trips are participant-led; meaning the crew decides together where they go, how they get there, and what activities the day may hold. Each trip is different, each crew is different - it's your adventure - you decide how you want to live it! 

As a crew you will work together to do everything that needs to be done. You learn how to sail, row, navigate by chart and compass, prepare meals, build on-board shelter, make decisions about where to go and how to get there, be mindful & respectful of the ocean, how to be responsible for yourself and responsibility for the safety of the boat and her crew.


Tuition for this trip includes all group gear such as sleeping bags, sleeping mats, tarps, foul weather (heavy rain) gear (including rubber boots), eating gear & food, etc.  Participants are responsible for assembling the clothing items in their pack list.  If you do not have or cannot find a clothing item, we have a collection of clothing to lend, which we are happy to lend you on the condition that you let us know ahead of time.


Sea School is committed long-term to improving diversity within its leadership and participantship in a meaningful and structural way.  If you are an applicant who is part of an underserved population in the sailing community, we are interested in assisting you on your journey with us, providing any necessary training to you or our staff, and hearing what you have to say about what might make your opportunity for participation and leadership in this field possible.  Reach out if you'd like to hear more about Sea School's commitments, goals, intentions, and partnerships with regards to diversity in sailing and in outdoor communities.


See: Application to Register Page

Price:  $1600

Price includes tax, all food, group equipment, sleeping bags and other gear apart from personal clothing items

Ages and Dates:     

Session 1 - Ages 14 - 18, August 7- 13 

Session 2 - Ages 14 - 18, August 23 - 29

*Open to youth of all gender expressions

*age based on birth year

Location174 Bluenose Dr., Lunenburg, NS, B0J2C0

Bursary support for this course is available. We offer payment plans,  partial and full bursaries.  Indicate your financial request when you apply and we will do our best to accommodate.  Full bursaries will be prioritized for equity deserving youth from communities experiencing barriers related to race, gender, settlement in Canada, mental health,  low income, youth in care and or single parent families. 
No experience is required! Have an exciting adventure- this is the opportunity of a life time!

General Information:

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