Registration for March Break begins in mid February - Dates announced early February

Registration for Summer Programs opens on April 1 - Dates announced around early March; as soon as staff commitments are in, logistics are discussed, and dates start to solidify.

If you wish to hire Sea School to run a Workshop, contact us to discuss further at the contact listed below

**Sea School is committed long-term to improving diversity within its leadership and participantship in a meaningful and structural way.  If you are an applicant who is part of an underserved population in the outdoor community, we are interested in assisting you on your journey with us, providing any necessary training to you or our staff, and hearing what you have to say about what might make your opportunity for participation and leadership in this field possible.  Reach out if you'd like to hear more about Sea School's commitments, goals, intentions, and partnerships with regards to diversity in sailing and in outdoor communities.


Registration is first-come first-served from the date & time it opens (for Summer: April 1  - exact hour varies & will be announced with dates)

Anytime AFTER April 1 when registration is open, you can begin to register with us by sending us an 'Intent to Register' email or phone message *email is preferred .  Details to include in this message are below.

Intent to Register requests will be processed in the order they come in and it could take up to 24 hrs for us to respond.

We will follow up with you with more information on how to proceed with registration, and if you are on any wait lists.

  1. Youth registrant's first & last name

  2. Youth registrant's age & pronouns

  3. Course Name AND dates you are interested in registering for

  4. Parent/Guardian name(s) and contact information

  5. *For Summer Registration: Remember - intent to register emails must be sent on/after April 1 when summer registration opens.  Any requests sent before this time will need to be re-sent after registration opens for our "first-come, first-served" registration system.

Registration Requests are timestamped and addressed in the order they are received; this sometimes takes a little bit of time, but it is likely that you will hear from us to confirm we got your request within 1 business day.


Full acceptance into programming is pending after request: is contingent on completion of an intake interview, reasonably prompt paperwork completion, and any follow-up that must take place esp. surrounding medical need.  If you would like to access bursary support to participate in programming; please do not hesitate to ask and we can explore what options might work for you!

You may email your requests, or any questions to

Erin Robison - Communications & Admin Coordinator


or leave a phone message at